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BAT services are also for carers, and friends/family – in fact anyone who is concerned that someone they know has a problem with prescribed or illicit drugs of dependence or withdrawal.

How can I help someone if they have a problem with prescribed or illicit drugs of dependence or withdrawal?
Finding out that someone you know has a drug problem is very frightening. It probably seems as if they have changed and you will never have the ‘old’ person back. You might be looking for reasons why this happened – you might blame yourself, someone else or them.

The best way you can help someone to help themselves is to arm yourself with ACCURATE information – and you will find lots of that on this website.

Someone taking any kind of prescribed and illicit drugs of addiction and withdrawal will be looking for constant reassurance. They will be very well aware that they have changed and used not to be like they are now. In one way or another we are told so many times by clients that they ‘used to be the life and soul of the party – look at me now’

They will want to know that:-
• They are not going mad
• The feelings they might have can be attributed to the prescribed  drug of addiction
• There is help available
• They will not feel like this forever
• With a careful withdrawal, they CAN be drug free

Take a look at our client stories and testimonials – written by people who may be just like someone you know. With a careful withdrawal and the proper support it IS possible to be drug free.

Where is help available?

  • If you are in South Gloucestershire or Bristol we run a group which you could attend for help. The group is held in Gloucester House in Southmead Hospital on Thursdays from 14:30 – 16:00. It is not necessary to be referred or call in advance – just come along. The group offers mutual support to help anyone experiencing problems taking or withdrawing from any prescribed drug of addiction. 
  • You can call us on 0117 9663629.

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