Chairs report

Robert Farrow

BAT chair from 13.09.17

Despite being in a challenging climate BAT has been able to continue to deliver its services to those who need them, we have continued to support clients at our groups, provide 1-1 interventions and work with clients and GP’s to make sure their support is correct.

BAT has finished the sub-contract with DHI and will not be recommissioned to deliver services for second a time, which means that BAT will need to continue into the next year relying mainly on it’s reserves to continue to deliver its services.

BAT has struggled to adjust to the changing face of commissioning, and we fully understand that there needs to be fast paced change within the charity in order to be sustainable, BAT will strive in the following year to make changes and these have already begun. This year the trustees made a decision to invest some of its legacy for a 3 year fixed term. This will bring in an income for BAT which will support its ongoing functions. We have reviewed all of our finances and made savings streamlining the charities work.

BAT also took the decision to centralise its support line for clients, this has the benefits of enabling us to grow a volunteer base of supporters who can give advice over the phone, and this in the future will help build capacity within the charity

We are fully aware of the rising problem in prescribed and over-the-counter medication and believe that we are on the cusp of change and this is becoming more recognised by commissioning groups. Dependence on these types of substances is only increasing as recognised in the public health England Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.