Our AGM (Annual General Meeting)

BAT AGM 2018-19

11th February 2019 – Coniston Community Centre, Coniston Road, Patchway BS34 5LP

Our AGM addressed the mismatch between what researchers think they should research and the practical information that is needed day-today by people living with, or recovering from, benzodiazepine dependence.

The University of Bedfordshire gave a presentation about the  exciting partnership BAT has formed with them, which will help to address this.



last year our AGM took place on 17th January at Coniston Community Centre, and it took the popular format of a ‘benzodiazepine question time’ panel. On the panel were Ian Keasey from Public Health England and Darren Tucker (service user)

We took the opportunity to launch our new, condensed Annual Report  and distribute our 2017 accounts


This year our AGM took place on 7th October and we decided to stick to the very popular ‘question time’ format. On the panel this year were:-

  • ALISON FIXSEN: Senior lecturer and disability tutor at the University of Westminster
  • SUE MULVENNA: Head of Pharmacy and Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer, NHS England
  • KATHY BAILEY: BAT holistic therapist
  • GARY CHEESE: BAT service user

You can read all about it in the full meeting transcript and also download our accounts for 2016


Another ‘question time’ panel for this very well-attended meeting – the panel consisted of:

  • NIKKI RALPH: Substance Misuse Psychosocial Team Manager at HMP Eastwood Park.
  • ADELE LITTLETON: pharmacy manager
  • KATHY BAILEY: BAT holistic therapist
  • DAVID DICKS: BAT service user
  • NICKY OWEN: Breaking the Cycle (support  for families with children who have been impacted by substance use) coordinator

The full meeting transcript is available, or you can read the summary version as part of our 2016 Annual Report.

You can also listen to the full audio recording of the entire meeting.


Our AGM in 2014 took the form of a very popular panel ‘Question Time’ – this is a really popular format and it always throws up some fascinating discussions.

The panel consisted of:

  • CLIVE LEWIS: Head of Alcohol and Drugs, Public Health South West
  • DR LIZ LEE: GP at Horfield health centre
  • JENNY SCOTT: Senior Lecturer at the University of Bath, and lead Pharmacist at Turning Point.
  • DAVID DICKS: Service user

and other contributors were:-
BAT STAFF: Colin Young, Development worker
Una Corbett, Coordinator

You can download the full transcript here, or listen to the audio version of the whole meeting.

Previous AGMs

cover collage 6 jean corstonThe 2013 AGM presentation was given by our Patron, Baroness Jean Corston, author of ‘The Corston Report’ . Jean called her presentation ‘Personal Stories  and it was just that – stories revolving around her, her family and people she has encountered. She talked about how she became our patron in the first place, and why she is so passionate about Benzo education. We also previewed our advice DVD ‘Just a Pill’.

In 2012 our guest was Professor Kenneth Wann, from Cardiff University where he is Professor of Cell Physiology & Deputy Dean of the University Graduate College. Ken’s talk was of a very different kind, and was called “Chemical states of mind”  and it tackled the basic biology which underlies many of the desired effects and the side effects of taking medications, and what follows when these medications are withdrawn (with specific reference to sedatives (tranquillisers), anxiolytics and hypnotics).

These meetings were held in Coniston Community Centre where our admin office is.

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